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Explore KI-nk Tables

KI’s KI-nk table offers a perfect blend of simple, clean design and robust construction. Complementing KI’s comprehensive range of workplace furniture, this modular platform features an innovative leg-to-rail connection. With kinked tubular leg frame and single traverse rail design, it ensures unobstructed space both above and below the worksurface.

Features & Highlights

  • Singular and back-toback workstation configurations.
  • KI-nk seating configurations available.
  • Available in circular, square or trapazoidal configurations.
  • Available with or without castors.

Construction & Spec

Designed with the collections signature steel kinked leg backets bolted to the worktop, these tables are perfect for meeting rooms, executive offices, breakout, reception, and café areas. Choose between square edges, chamfered edges and rounded corners, as well as contrasting colour edges to match your style preferences effortlessly.

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