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Postura+ Chair & Table Sizing Guide

The British and European Standards for "chairs and tables for educational institutions" were approved in January 2007. BS EN 1729 Part 1 (functional dimensions) ensures furniture is the appropriate size, shape and ergonomic design to maintain good posture and reduce RSI and back pain in students.
This size mark guide indicates which fixed seat heights and table heights are suitable for the student's age:


Popliteal height defines the correct seat height. The measurement is taken from the floor to the back of the knee when seated with thighs horizontal and lower leg vertical with feet flat to the floor. This measurement is useful when comparing existing or older furniture that does not comply with BS EN1729 to determine the compatible size.
Stature is from floor to the top of the head.

Identifying the size of your Postura+ chair

On Postura+ chairs you can find a colour-coded sticker on the top side of the backrest that corresponds to the table above. The example below shows a blue sticker, so the chair can be identified as a Sun Yellow size mark 6 chair.

A round sizemark indicator is also located on the underside of the chair. In the example below it identifies a Pink Candy chair size mark 6.

chair-table-sizing-guide sun yellow.jpgPink candy.jpg

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