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Product Design & Manufacturing

Over the years, KI has worked with some of the world's most respected designers to create award-winning furniture that sets benchmarks for our industry. Our in-house design, engineering and production experts work with designers to create furniture that is elegant, practical and durable.

The most important component of our product development journey is always our customers. We believe this 'customer-driven' collaborative approach is the foundation of truly inspired product design.

  • Charles_Perry-small.jpgCharles Perry
  • David_Pesso-small.jpgDavid Pesso
  • Emilio_Nanni-small.jpgEmilio Nanni
  • Giancarlo_Piretti-small.jpgGiancarlo Piretti
  • Richard_Hutten-small.jpgRichard Hutten
  • Niels_Diffrient-small.jpgNiels Diffrient
  • Paul_Brooks-small.jpgPaul Brooks
  • Shawn_Barrett-small.jpgShawn Barrett
  • Taku_Kumazawa-small.jpgTaku Kumazawa

Service & Manufacturing Locations

KI Europe's headquarters in Central London covers the UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa region (EMEA). Its European factories are located in the UK, Portugal and Italy with service support centres throughout Europe.

KI Europe is a wholly-owned subsidiary of KI Inc (Krueger International) which was founded in 1941 and is headquartered in Wisconsin, USA. One of the world's largest furniture manufacturing groups, KI directly employs over 3,000 people globally and markets through an extensive network of preferred partners.



United Kingdom

HQ. New Fetter Place, 8-10 New Fetter Lane, London, EC4A 1AZ - 32,000sq ft - Workstation and table understructures, screens

1. York - 32,000sq ft - Workstation and table understructures, screens

2. Mildenhall - 35,000sq ft - Steel storage

3. Tiptree - 100,000sq ft - MFC & laminate worktops

4. Andover - 20,000sq ft - Upholstered modular third space system, soft seating, screens

5. Tamworth - 40,000sq ft - Polypropylene seating

6. Darwen - 18,000sq ft - Upholstered soft seating

7. Leicester - 26,000sq ft - MFC/MDF storage & accessories

8. Hinkley - 20,000sq ft - MFC/MDF storage, tables

9. Whittlesey - 70,000sq ft - Polypropylene seating

10. Ludlow - 45,000sq ft - Seating

11. Chorley- 20,000sq ft - Upholstery

12. Ilkley- 20,000sq ft - Seating

13. Farnham - 12,000sq ft - Acoustic drops

14. Telford - 12,000sq ft - PET accessories

15. Leeds - 30,000sq ft - Acoustic pods, booths, modular power systems, screens & room dividers

16. Burgess Hill - 16,000sq ft - Aluminium components

17. Woodville - 37,000sq ft - Warehouse & distribution centre, subassembly

18. Rainham - 30,000sq ft - Warehouse and distribution

19. Rayleigh - 27,000sq ft - Warehouse and distribution



20. Brescia - 25,000sq ft - Seating

21. Vicenza - 20,000sq ft - Seating



22. Brussels - 23,000sq ft - PET products


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