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Our History

Furnishing Knowledge Since 1941

In 1941, we introduced our first product – the folding chair. It answered the call for portable, stackable seating. Today, this chair symbolizes a legacy of listening to our customers.

We've grown well beyond our origins, designing locally in response to our customers' needs and providing contract furniture solutions that fit their environment, brilliantly.

1941 - United States
Krueger Metal Products founded, renamed 'KI' in 1983

1987 - Mexico
KI becomes the first American manufacturer to sell furniture in Mexico

1992 - Canada
KI opens manufacturing facility in Pembroke, second plant opens in Ontario in 1994

1992 - Middle East
KI begins exporting products to the Middle East

1994 - United Kingdom
KI Europe is established, headquartered in London with local design and manufacturing in the UK & Europe

1998 - Latin America
KI begins exporting products to Latin America, opening showrooms in Santiago, San Juan & Trinidad in 2010, 2011 & 2012 respectively

2009 - China
KI establishes distribution partnership in Shanghai, joint venture factory & showroom opens in Beijing & Shanghai in 2016

2010 - India
KI opens manufacturing facility in Bangalore, starts local distribution

2011 - Australia
KI products introduced to the Australian market

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