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Infinity from KI: Explore the Endless Possibilities

KI's product co-creation service

If standard furniture options just aren't working for you and you need an "outside the box" solution, look to Infinity from KI.

We understand your desire to put a "signature" on your space. At KI, we are uniquely positioned to bring your vision to life through our Infinity process. Whether you want to modify an existing KI product or create something totally from scratch, we can help.

"Co-creation is not about consulting with clients, it's about collaborating with them. KI has an impressive track record of collaborating with some of the world's biggest organisations, helping them achieve their objectives by co-creating high quality, cost-effective and innovative furniture solutions."

A unique furniture partnership

We have helped some of the UK's largest companies achieve their workplace strategies for over 20 years by providing innovative, customer-driven product solutions. Our ongoing investments in people, technology and local production partnerships allow us to offer you a unique furniture co-design and co-creation service:

  • Meet with our London-based team of furniture design engineering experts
  • Locally-based rapid prototyping facilities ensure quick turnarounds
  • Latest design engineering technology maximises cost and materials efficiency, from conceptualisation to production to installation
  • UK and European supply chain and manufacturing network reduces lead times and carbon footprint
  • Superior ongoing customer service and support from our London-based team

Client benefits

  • Generation of ideas with a high degree of originality and user value
  • Improved knowledge of user needs
  • Rapid validation of ideas or concepts
  • More efficient decision-making
  • Lower development costs and reduced development time

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Let's talk Infinity from KI

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