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Modern Slavery Summary Statement for KI (UK) Ltd

KI welcomes the regulations of Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and sees the transparency it encourages as in keeping with with our support for the requirement to ‘know and show’ that we are working to respect human rights. 

In the UK businesses with an annual turnover of at least £36 million are required to publish a modern slavery statement for each financial year. KI falls into that bracket through a group turnover of over this amount¹. 

We are committed to improving the working conditions of the many people around the world; and ensure that there is no modern slavery or trafficking in our own business and supply chains/sub-contractors. We protect people from unlawful and immoral practices, and have policies and processes in place that make our position clear, and help to remedy situations that do not meet our required high standards.

We acknowledge that KI Social Responsibility or Ethical Polices, should be included in the statement or referenced, as well as:

  • Minimum labour standards for the business and its suppliers
  • Who is responsible for maintaining these standards
  • How the business factors full labour costs into sourcing and production to avoid the need for slave or bonded labour
  • What the organisation will do where a supplier is found to have been involved in modern slavery
  • What questions are asked and checks made when entering into new, or extending existing, procurement contracts
  • What due diligence the organisation commits to
  • What policies and procedures are in place to support whistleblowing 

We acknowledge the risk of forced labour occurring in global as well as local supply chains. We know there is always more we can do to strengthen our process. So that effective and lasting solutions can be found, the root causes of human rights abuses need to be addressed. To this end, KI (UK) Ltd will continue to educate and comply from within our company, and more widely with our business partners to create positive change. 

Jonathan M. Hindle Group Managing Director FSCD 
Policy Date: 3rd January 2023

Additional Reference:

  • KI Code of Ethical Business Conduct
  • KI UK Corporate Social Responsibility

Policy Review Date: 3rd January 2024

¹Total turnover is calculated as net turnover of the commercial organisation, meaning the total amount of revenue derived from all global sources (including subsidiary undertakings), after deduction of trade discounts, value added tax and any other taxes based on the amounts so derived. This is a commonly used and understood definition from the Companies Act for businesses to determine their size for the purposes of comply.

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