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Care & Maintenance

KI products are designed and manufactured to withstand the demands of modern workplaces, classrooms and other school environments. Regular light cleaning will keep the furniture looking its best for many years.

The guide below is intended to help where furniture has become marked or stained, please check for colour fading in a discreet area when using any detergents, chemicals or paint. For upholstered products, always check the fabric manufacturer's instructions before use.

General cleaning

Proper care and careful use are the best methods of maintaining the appearance and finish of any product. For normal cleaning of poly shells, work surfaces, upholstery, and powdercoated metal or chrome frames, use a soft cloth with mild soap or detergent and lukewarm water.

Rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth. Do not use solvents, citrus/orange-based cleaners, or heavy-duty kitchen cleaners. For tough stains, spots or dirt accumulation, refer to the following recommendations: 

  • Textured Poly Shells

    Remove chewing gum and similar stubborn spots with cigarette lighter fluid. Wipe dry immediately. A general, non-abrasive all-purpose cleaner is ideal for light cleaning and to restore lustre to smooth surfaces. Its anti-static properties help repel dust and dirt. High-quality wax restores lustre and protects the finish. Always follow the manufacturer's directions.

  • Powdercoated Metal or Chrome Frames

    Remove chewing gum and similar stubborn spots with cigarette lighter fluid. Wipe dry immediately. It is recommended that frames be protected from water, rain, ice, snow and salt.

    If gloss finish use a silicon-based spray polish to clean. For thin surface scratches wipe with thinners (pour onto a soft cloth not directly on the surface) or spray with clear lacquer. For deep scratches sand with emery paper, clean and repaint with appropriate spray gloss/matt paint.

    Note: Colour match is critical, spray onto white photocopy paper and check colour before spraying.

  • Laminate Surfaces

    Use an all-purpose cleaner to remove ink stains, crayon and water-based paint marks. Use thinners to remove oil-based paint stains (pour onto a soft cloth, not directly on the surface). For superficial surface scratches use linseed oil (not for deep scratches).

    Note: Do not wipe any PVC edging with thinners, as this will damage it. Never use excessive water to clean work surfaces. Wetness or excessive moisture can cause laminate top table to well, warp or appear to grow in thickness.

  • Vinyl Fabric

    Use normal dishwashing liquid with warm water and a soft cloth. Dry with a clean soft cloth.

  • Polyester & Wool Fabric

    Use dry carpet pellets or powder for wet stains, let dry and brush off or vacuum. Use a standard upholstery cleaner foam for dry stains, spray lightly over the stain and brush off after 5 minutes.

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