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Postura+ Before Your Buy

Before making your purchase, check the size and colour you have ordered against our Postura Size Guide and Finish Options below.
If the incorrect chair has been ordered a restock and return charge will be applicable.

Identifying The Size of Your Postura+ Chair

On Postura+ chairs you can find a colour-coded sticker on the top side of the backrest that corresponds to the table above. The
example (below left) shows a blue sticker, so the chair can be identified as a Ash Grey size mark 6 chair. Find out more.

Choosing The Right Colour For Your Postura+ Chairs

Postura+ chairs come in 20 polypropylene colours, the ranges include, Natural, to envoke a connection to the natural world;
Chroma, to draw attention; Neon, to ignite creativity; Muted, to build a relaxed and tranquil environment; and Achromatic, for minimalist
and contemporary designs. Unleash your creativity and bring your vision to life with our diverse colour palette.  

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