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Crunch Digital

Swansea, Wales

The Brief

As part of their ‘return to the office’ following the COVID-19 pandemic, Crunch Digital, a digital media specialist that focuses on SEO, pay-per-click-social media, programmatic, technical, and creative services, wanted to create a new office space that promoted both safety and collaboration. The design also needed to reflect the ethos and culture of the company and cater to a young and innovative workforce.

Crunch were looking to move offices within the Ethos Building, Kings Road – doubling the square footage and looking to completely rebrand and re-invigorate their working environment. Throughout the whole process, we were thoroughly kept in the loop in terms of design, colours, furniture requirements and re-purposing some of our old furniture and re-modelling into useful and practical assets.  Not only were we able to open as scheduled (immediately after lockdown had ended) but we were able to invite the wider Crunch Group down and showcase the office to the team.  They all love the current design and with the current hybrid way of working, it’s a great testament that they all enjoy returning to the office and fully appreciate the new working environment.

Adam Culley, Head of Operations at Crunch Digital

Our Solution

It started with a move to a larger office space within their current premises, the Ethos Building on King’s Road in Swansea. The team then considered installing partitioning walls to create separate zones, but Ministry of Furniture, the dealer and designer for the project, invited them to their showroom so that they could see for themselves an alternative in the form of KI’s ‘Colonnade’.

This modular system is anchored by KI’s 800 Series storage and shelving and can be customised to meet different requirements including creating spaces within the structure, as well as around its edges. In this case, a Kvadrat curtain hangs in the centre of the system, making it easy to divide into 2 separate spaces or open up to create a more open, single space. Colonnade cube stools can be stored away on one of the shelves, providing a quick seating solution for agile working.

For more traditional workstations settings, KI’s Sift Task chairs were selected to provide a comfortable and ergonomic seating solution that can be adjusted in multiple ways, including the lumbar support and the seat slide, to suit each user. At the end of these desks, personal storage is provided with KI’s 800 Series lockers, topped with planter boxes. Adjacent to these spaces, large tables provide away-from-the-desk workspaces for group and dropdown working. KI’s Work2.1 sit-stand table has been selected for one such area, bringing the benefits of sit-stand to collaborative working.

We are working with a number of organisations who are reconfiguring their workplaces to better support agile and hybrid working. KI are a key partner is our supply chain as they offer high quality, innovative products and excellent customer service. The Crunch Digital Media project is evidence that customers like to see and feel products in person in a showroom environment before investing. Our new agile workspace and furniture showroom demonstrates the latest products and trends in workplace design. We’d like to thank Crunch Digital Media and KI Europe for working with us on this project.

Graham Hirst, Managing Director at Ministry of Furniture
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