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Postura+ Sustainability Update

Postura+ has began a transition to a circular economy, with all colours of Postura+ one-piece chairs, containing at least 30% recycled polypropylene.

Following over 3 years of trials and testing, this achievement sets an important milestone on KI's journey towards taking a leading position in the circular economy. Over the coming years, KI will work towards increasing this percentage to future milestones of 50, 80 and ultimately 100%, bringing all standard colours into line with the increasingly popular Jet Black chairs which are already made with 100% recycled content.


Made in the UK  |  20-year warranty


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We manufacture approximately 400,000 Postura+ one-piece chairs alone each year, making it one of our most successful and high-volume product lines. Eliminating 600 tonnes of virgin polypropylene from this supply chain demonstrates our commitment to realistic, impactful steps towards sustainable practices, without compromising colour options, quality, durability and warranties.

Jonathan Hindle, President, KI EMEA


The unique, UK-based supply chain development will see 600 tonnes per year of waste plastic being fed into the standard production process, the equivalent of over 2,000,000 food containers per annum. These new mixed virgin/recycled polypropylene chairs have been rigorously tested and have achieved the same certifications and standards as the fully virgin plastic chairs, so the unparalleled, proven Postura+ 20-year warranty remains in place.

This innovation in Postura+ chair production further enhances the product’s environmental performance, outlined in its independently verified Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). Manufactured in the UK, these chairs are transported in 100% recyclable packaging, and are themselves 100% recyclable at their end of life.

Our customers both in the UK and across Continental Europe are looking for ways to reduce the environmental impact of their procurement practices, without adding unrealistic cost or compromising quality. What we’ve managed to achieve with Postura+ chairs is a fantastic step in the right direction and we are confident that this exciting news will be met with great enthusiasm from our customers.

Alison Mallett, KI Europe’s Director of Education Furniture

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