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Sandwell PCT

The brief

KI have provided a stimulating and efficient storage solution for Sandwell NHS Primary Care Trust (Sandwell PCT). The lease Sandwell PCT had on the building needed renewal, so prior to renewing they carried out space utilisation surveys to check that the building was suitable for their space requirements. The results showed that they needed to change the size of desks in order to meet their aim to provide more flexible and unassigned workstations.

Sandwell PCT also wanted to change to central storage for both teams and individuals, removing individual pedestals. This required an integrated approach to storage. Sandwell PCT visited the KI showroom, as one of the market leaders, to see their storage solutions, as well as visiting three other manufacturers. KI’s 800 Series were specified in a high white gloss finish with contrasting red and blue sloped tops, the interior provides an efficient and stimulating work environment. The extensive system range was utilised in many different ways.

To avoid clutter being left on top, KI fitted all the units with sloping angular tops in bright red, turquoise or lilac to coordinate with the colour scheme. Where more storage is required and in order to divide areas, there are back to back 4 drawer units with cupboards on top.

Sandwell PCT carried out a survey amongst the staff on how they work and listened to their comments, installing demonstration areas for them to try out over 12 months. They visited other installations KI had carried out including Hertfordshire County Council where two different solutions using KI storage are demonstrated, which enabled them to select the one most appropriate for their requirements.

First impressions are of a very bright and airy environment. The square columns had been converted to large circular columns to give a softness to the area with different colours on each floor coordinating with different coloured sloping tops to the KI storage drawer units. There are lilac columns with turquoise cupboard tops; lime green columns with lilac cupboard tops; and pale turquoise columns with bright red cupboard tops.

We were very impressed as KI’s solution was not just offering metal boxes but a 21st Century filing system and one-stop-shopping for all our filing requirements. The units gave the maximum capacity in a small footprint and reduced the number of cabinets provided. KI enabled our office-tidy-policy of having a clear desk to be maintained by enabling more space per person. All our requirements for high quality, guarantee offered and competitiveness were satisfied.

Andrew Lawley, Head of Estates, Sandwell PCT

Our solution

KI have also provided open coat cupboards with coloured interiors which coordinate with the colours of the columns and tops of the cabinets. Sandwell specified 1100mm wide cabinets, which provide an extra 25% capacity for only an extra 6.7% floor space when compared to a 1000mm wide cabinet. This enabled Sandwell to order fewer cabinets, saving floor space.

The initial plan was to provide space for 320 people; however, due to the savings in space provided by the extra capacity of the 1100mm wide cabinets, the office can easily cope with almost 400 people.

We tested products from four manufacturers and KI was by far the preferred supplier for the solution and for quality and fortunately were competitive. We carried out a lengthy exercise on quality issues and were delighted that even if we moved the units around the building it did not affect KI’s lifetime guarantee.

Andrew Lawley, Head of Estates, Sandwell PCT
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