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Paramount Pictures

London, W4

The Brief

To incorporate a balanced approach to worker wellbeing, organisational culture and budget, the vibrant new facilities needs to mirror Paramount's brand identity while also setting the stage for the team to thrive. Adaptability and ease of reconfiguration was a core requirement within Paramount’s workplace strategy, in order to support project-based working. Staff from various departments come together to work on a particular film release, creating temporary clusters which will disperse and reform around the next project.

The nature of film releases creates an unusual, dynamic way of working at Paramount Pictures. This raises a number of interesting challenges for our workplace strategy - traditional space planning, power supply and furniture design had to be reassessed in order to facilitate this hybrid of fixed and highly reconfigurable office landscapes. Working together with Rapid Office and KI, we were able to achieve our vision for a modern office, fit for purpose and on brand. In addition to looking great, the new offices enhance our team’s wellbeing, which is important for our employer branding, both now and into the future. The future-proofing capability of KI’s Work2 Sit-Stand was a particularly interesting attribute for us. Being able to retrofit rather than replace our workstations to provide full sit-stand functionality, one desk at a time, will help us spread the cost of this investment. It will also allow us to provide it on a case by case basis to those who wish to benefit from this kind of agile working.

Mark Furmston, Facilities Manager at Paramount Pictures UK

Our Solution

Work2 Sit-Stand - KI adapted its Work2 Sit-Stand single desk to meet Paramount’s unique requirements. A modified, leg-mounted screen which doubles as a modesty panel was engineered, allowing these standalone single desks to be used in any location around the floor, conveniently forming back-to-back rows of benches, whenever and wherever required. These desks were specified in a combination of retrofittable fixed height and powered sit-stand versions, allowing Paramount to upgrade extra desks in situ, to full sit-stand capability gradually over time.

800 Series - mobile pedestals have been specified to provide personal storage in the agile environment. Executive office areas feature workwalls with overhead storage, 800 Series pedestals and cupboards, finished in dark walnut and white, these spaces are elegant and complement the views over nature outside the generous glazed exterior of the building. Drawers and cupboards from KI’s 800 Series Storage are also located at the end of desk rows and throughout the open plan space, providing extra general storage.

Breakout - Punctuating the open plan workspace is KI’s Breakout, a stackable modular third space system, used as wrap screening around printers. Enhancing acoustic planning and aesthetics, these units also complement the desk screens of their associated departments, breaking up the neutral landscape with bursts of colour.  

Meet4 - column base tables were selected for meeting rooms and collaborative spaces, including social hubs where staff and visitors alike can come together. They provide the perfect collaborative platform for impromptu, short term gatherings.

Having a reliable, experienced local manufacturing partner was essential to deliver the right solution for Paramount Pictures. Rapid Office has worked with KI on numerous projects over the years, each of which have benefited from their unique collaborative approach to product development, as well as efficient installation and ongoing customer service. As a leading office furniture supplier, we always feel confident that KI will be able to help us get it right for our customers.

Andrew Cheek, Sales Account Manager, Rapid Office

This project is a great example of how KI works with its customers to create a tailored, unique solution, that can help deliver a happy, healthy, high performing working environment. Paramount’s workplace strategy has produced an office landscape that not only is aesthetically pleasing but also champions staff wellbeing by providing a variety of productive work settings, perfectly suited to their unique working culture.

David Venables, KI's Sales Director - Workplace

More Information

Date - January 2017
Project Partner - Rapid Office
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