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AIB Dublin


The brief

McDermott Associates, the filing consultants, were awarded the contract to carry out the filing audit and to integrate the KI Personal and Team filing systems with the bank’s wide variety of media and applications. They conducted a survey and interviews to establish potential reductions and presented the findings to the Steering Committee. Then, at the steering commitee’s request, McDermott Associates “took ownership of the filing project”.

AIB decided to convert from foolscap to A4 filing and used KI storage units, which have been configured to provide the most efficient and cost effective solution. Fewer cabinets result in a reduction in space occupied and therefore a corresponding reduction in the cost centre charge-back.

We selected KI for the storage as we were very impressed with the product as it is very robust, well finished and had a good appearance. The system is very flexible with various types and sizes as it is able to accommodate all our storage requirements. We were very pleased with KI’s service and delighted that they gave us a Lifetime Warranty.

Joseph Blount, Project Manager, AIB

Our solution

KI supplied every element of the integrated storage solution which included KI's 800 Series lateral cabinets, powder coated in an aluminium finish to compliment the Bene workstations. Low iron glass decorative tops were applied to each cabinet. Over 2000 KI 800 Series pedestals were selected providing a visual continuity to the scheme, all contributing to the creation of a stunning environment where ‘people are proud to work’.

The filing solution was very important for the client as they are sitting on very expensive real estate. KI were very responsive when required and gave a solution which could fit in more storage than the client expected. In addition KI products were very competitive.

Elizabeth Kirby, RKD Architects
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