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Pebble Brook SEN School

Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire 

The brief

Pebble Brook SEN School in Aylesbury has been supporting the development of children aged between 11 & 19 with moderate learning difficulties, ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorders), and speech, language, or communication disorders for 55 years.

The school started with only 50 pupils but is gradually expanding towards a capacity of 150. As part of this development, the school wanted a seating solution that offered the pupils choice and ownership, but more importantly a solution that could increase levels of concentration and engagement in children who find it difficult to sit still for long periods of time.

Our solution

Ricochet stool: The staff at Pebble Brook were first shown Ricochet by furniture dealer, Huddle Furniture. The stool's rounded base offers up to 12 degrees of stable rocking motion, allowing users to wobble on the spot, which can help to keep bodies and minds engaged. It is also easy to rotate 360-degrees, so students can easily redirect their attention around a room. 

After a successful trial in which the students expressed a profound eagerness for the product, 40 stools were chosen in a mixture of Aqua Blue and Sugar Plum, and in a variety of sizes that would cater to different age groups.

Some of the school's staff also took a liking to the stool and now use a Ricochet as their seat of choice through the working day.

We already have a selection of KI's Postura+ chairs so we knew that the Ricochet stool would be of the utmost quality, and it's the perfect addition to help our students learn. After trialling the product, the children simply couldn't wait to use them properly. The colours are vibrant, they're light enough to carry around, and they're actually helping them to focus better.

Sarah Pitwell, Therapy Leader at Pebble Brook

More Information

Date - 2021
End user - 
150 students 
Project Partner - Huddle Furniture, Home | Huddle Furniture
Website - Pebble Brook School, Pebble Brook School | 

Read the full press release here

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