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Hatchlands Primary School


The brief

Hatchlands Primary School in Redhill, Surrey is being built on the site of the former Redhill Magistrates’ Court. Whilst the renovations of the main building continue, temporary classrooms in the former bailiff’s services area of the site opened their doors in September 2018 to a small group of reception students.

The school hopes to grow to 420 pupils with a focus on the mental, emotional and physical wellbeing of students as the number one priority. Outdoor activities will be a prominent component of the daily life of students. The school worked with Willowbrook Education to find a chair that would create a fun, vibrant learning environment whilst being long-lasting, comfortable and modern.

Our solution

Postura+ chairs - selected in Grape Crush for the nursery facilities at this first stage of the school’s development.

With mental health issues being so prevalent these days we want this to be our number one priority. We are going to focus on things like forest schooling and encouraging play with an element of risk. We want to create a natural, calm space for our children to have a typical childhood, climbing in trees, getting dirty and so on. Postura+ chairs are the perfect chair for our requirements - they are durable, easy to clean and can be taken outside for occasional use.

Chris Jowett, head teacher, Hatchlands Primary School

More information

Date - September 2018
End user -
420 students, ages 3-11
Project type -Renovation
Project partners - Willowbrook Education
Website -

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