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International House

London, WC2

The brief

As a busy language school in the heart of London's West End, International House attracts students of all ages from across the globe. In order to optimise the learning experience in this diverse environment, furniture has to be versatile, flexible and facilitate collaboration. When refitting their classrooms, International House looked to KI for its innovative designs.

Flexibility was the key as well as comfort. With KI’s Torsion-on-the-Go! it is very easy to set up different arrangements and the flexibility of the back makes them very comfortable for lengthy periods. The writing tablets are much larger than used previously which meant we did not have to specify left or right handed user chairs, making it much easier to lay out the rooms.

Mathew Rayment, Business Development, International House

Our solution

Torsion on the Go! chairs - These innovative, mobile, nesting, flex-back chairs addressed requirements for movable seating that facilitate teaming, training, and informal conferencing. With its ingenious flip-up seats and sturdy castors, the chairs can nest together for compact “out-of-the-way” storage. Designed by Giancarlo Piretti, Torsion on the Go! was lauded with a prestigious Best of NeoCon Gold Award.

We liked the Torsion On The Go! as the castors enabled the chairs to be easily manoeuvred which is ideal to reconfigure the classrooms. It enables the teacher to move with ease around the room when used with writing tablets for the students and is ideal for horseshoe arrangements and conversing with the teacher without the barrier of a classroom table.

Justin Vollmer, Director of Studies, International House

More information

Date - February 2007
End user - 
Students, 16+ years old
Project type - Refit of existing facilities
Website -

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