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Introducting KI's new Take5 Lounge Collection

June 10, 2018

KI launches new Take5 lounge seating collection

KI’s new Take5 lounge seating collection is inspired by mid-century styling and designed for today’s workspaces. The collection’s single, two-seater and three-seater sofas with low or high backs are complemented by ottomans, coffee tables and side tables.

Take5’s pillowed shapes and curved armrests are evocative of a teddy bear, instantly inviting the user to feel comfortable and relaxed. The space beneath the armrests also acts as legroom, allowing the user to pivot to the side. The flat top of the armrests doubles as both a secondary seating surface and a worktop for notebooks or laptops. Each sofa can be fitted with power and USB modules. Matching or contrasting upholstered high backs can be added to reduce distractions, increase a sense of privacy and for noise reduction.

Featuring a platform base and angled feet made from solid beech, the collection complements KI’s EC4 range of workstations, tables and storage plinths. Together, these elegant products help create a more domestic atmosphere in the corporate workspace.

Coinciding with the launch of Take5, KI has teamed up with leading textiles designer, Natasha Marshall, as well as Bute Fabrics, to create exclusive print fabrics to further enhance the collection’s domestic appeal. Two new designs, ‘Vista’ and ‘Pompom’ have been produced in exclusive colourways especially for Take5. Custom colours can also be produced to match a specific project.

Designed by Jonathan Hindle FCSD, Take5 is made in the UK and comes with a 5-year warranty. Jonathan Hindle comments: "Workplaces are increasingly taking cues from hospitality and domestic environments to create altogether more inviting, comfortable spaces. Untethered from our desks, we now seek spaces that support casual collaboration, or give us an opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of busy office space. Take5 was created to allow workers to find an appropriate work setting for either individual or group tasks, or to simply take ‘5 minutes’ away from work and regenerate."

About Natasha Marshall
Natasha Marshall Ltd is seen as one of the leading textile design studios in the UK, creating contemporary graphic designs for fabrics and wallpaper showcasing the best of British design and manufacturing. The design studio is based in Otago Street, Glasgow and all the team are passionate about pattern, design and colour. Their aim is to help customers add patterns and colours they love into their interiors, through curtains, blinds, soft furnishings & wallcoverings. Simple patterns help create a beautiful, calm and peaceful environment you love living and entertaining in.

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