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2015 Predictions

January 2015

Mix Interiors - 150th issue

Thoughts on the year just past and the 12 months ahead, by Jonathan Hindle - Group Managing Director, KI EMEA

How was 2014 for you and your business? What were your notable achievements last year?
The buoyant contract furniture market of 2014 coincided with the culmination of years of local R&D, product development and manufacturing for KI in the UK – resulting in one of our best years on record. In many ways, it has been a coming of age for us with an expanded portfolio of products, record sales, new clients, and, of course, our growing team.

Who/what really stood out for you in the industry in 2014?
There has been a shift away from the ‘austerity’ pervading office planning of recent years, in favour of a more humanist approach. Smart companies are creating workplaces that nurture healthy employees and healthy company culture. From introducing sit/stand desks to creating diverse activity zones, these companies are beginning to treat their real estate as a source of competitive advantage rather than just a hefty expense.

What are your hopes and aspirations for you and your business in 2015?
Following on from the successful launch of new products in 2014, we expect our commitment to product development and local manufacturing will continue to bear fruit in the year ahead.
Our ongoing partnership with Gallery Argentum will see new exhibitions within our showroom throughout the year, looking at how artwork can be used in the workplace to improve productivity and wellbeing. Our ongoing KICKSTART initiative will continue to recognise, sponsor and encourage new and emerging design talent in the UK.

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