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Comments from Desixn Studio’s Six Graduate Designers

September 15, 2014

Supported by KI Europe's KICKSTART programme
Tent London, Stand E26, 18-21 September 2014

Desixn Studio’s designers share a belief in designing with integrity and passion. Their products demonstrate honest use of materials and great consideration towards function and users.

Tent-London-2014-Desixn-Ester-Comunello-profile-pic.jpgEster Comunello
"The products I will show at Tent are part of a study about dexterity and craft. The idea was to create objects using simple assembly processes that are intuitively understood by the users, thereby encouraging both engagement and interaction from them.

Tent-London-2014-Desixn-Michael-Charlton-profile-pic.jpgMichael Charlton
I enjoy designing products that don't take themselves too seriously. The animals of Harley Common are one such product. Drinks coasters in the shape of woodland animals; an everyday product that makes people smile. I'm really looking forward to exhibiting at Tent, it will be a great experience, and hopefully I can get a bit of exposure.

Tent-London-2014-Desixn-Rowena-Dodd-profile-pic.jpgRowena Dodd
Exhibiting at TENT will be an excellent chance to promote my designs to a much wider audience, particularly those within the design industry. The exposure afforded by this prestigious event will I hope lead to some interesting and exciting opportunities in the future. Both pieces Shag chair and Long&Short mirror, reference traditional elements set in different contexts. In the case of Shag I have used the old home craft of Rag Rugging as an alternative to standard upholstery techniques. Likewise, Long&Short, a height adjustable mirror borrows from the counter balance principles of Sash windows. Techniques and systems that are deemed old fashioned can still, with a bit of imagination, enhance an essentially modern product.”

Tent-London-2014-Desixn-Linn-Narane-profile-pic.jpgLinn Narane
"I would like to express simplicity with my pieces. No unnecessary joints or components - simple low-tech engineering. Tent will give me the opportunity to launch my business and show my latest collection. I am hoping to get plenty of feedback from the visitors, connect with future clients and network with fellow designers."

Tent-London-2014-Desixn-Liz-Ret-profile-pic.jpgLiz Ret
My work is inspired by living in a small space, and therefore storage acts as a secondary function to my products. I love to add colour to my furniture in order to accentuate character, form and meaning. Tent will be an opportunity for me to get feedback on my products, as well as meet people with a similar interest and passion for design.”

Tent-London-2014-Desixn-Brian-Walsh-profile-pic.jpgBrian Walsh
“Shelf life was created from the belief that an everchanging lifestyle, can put pressure on the function of a living space. With this in mind, I’ve designed a piece of furniture that can evolve and adapt to suit the needs of the user. Tent is an opportunity to gain feedback on my products, and see how the public interact with it.

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