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London, EC2

The brief

After outgrowing their offices at One Bishop's Square, the International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) decided to relocate to a 1,250m² space at 25 Copthall Avenue/London Wall.

Among the criteria for the new space was the need to create definition between publicly accessible spaces and private office environments as the new location has dedicated conferencing facilities for in-house seminars and events. As well, there was emphasis that the new space and facilities installed need to be suitable for both visiting delegates and local staff who are often working long hours.

The relocation project started during the first lockdown in 2020 so presented new challenges for all involved. Good communication (albeit all virtual), customer service, and client feedback were essential for all.

The project was embarked on during lockdown, so all discussions were virtual - but KI were very good at co-ordinating everything and even producing bespoke items at very good value. The furniture perfectly fit the new office and provides ISDA with the flexibility needed to continue safely and efficiently.

Ruth Bradshaw, director of Shaw Studios

Our solution

ISDA worked with workplace interior design studio Shaw Studios and furniture dealer Day2 Interiors for the fit out of the new office space. Day2 specified the below KI furniture to help achieve ISDA's brief:

Work2.1 Sit-Stand Workstations: KI's Work2.1 sit-stand desk has been specified as 2- or 4-person back-to-back benches in open plan workspaces and as a single desk with a return for the cellular offices. All desks were specified with a white top, graphite grey edge, and black grey understructure.

AthensSE Column Based Meeting Tables: AthensSE column-based meeting tables have been included in cellular offices as well as breakout spaces and booths for more relaxed, collaborative work.

They were chosen in poseur height with round tops for the office's new waiting area to give a sleek, modern aesthetic.

800 Series and SerenadeSE Storage: Accompanying the Work2.1 sit-stands desks in the open plan areas is a selection of white 800 Series storage cupboards and SerenadeSE lockers. Both have been strategically placed to provide easy access to files as well as personal belongings.

MFC planter boxes with a graphite grey edge have been placed on top of the storage units, adding some greenery and natural decoration to the open plan spaces.

Scrum Flip-Top Nesting Tables: Scrum flip-top nesting tables were selected for the new seminar and presentation spaces. Being on castors, they are easily manoeuvrable, and when flipped nest together taking up minimal floorspace, making them the perfect solution for rooms that need to be flexible.

Work2 Tables: Work2 tables with cantilever understructures were specified at both standard and poseur heights for larger meeting and formal spaces.

The project was all during the pandemic and we were so impressed with the lengths KI went to, to present innovative solutions, create visuals and the service they offered all the way through.

Melanie Tse, Project Lead at Day2

More Information

Date - October 2020
Project Type - New HQ / Office Relocation
Project Interior Designers -
Shaw Studios,
Project Furniture Dealer Partner -
Website -

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