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Explore Postura+ 4 Leg On Castors

Flexible, functional and ergonomic

Designed to promote good posture, unrestricted movement and exceptional comfort, these vibrant chairs are perfect for versatile, flexible and multipurpose learning environments. Easy to stack away when not required, they facilitate quick room reconfiguration. This allows teachers to adapt spaces to suit multiple teaching styles and encourage collaboration between students.

All new shells are made of at least 30% recycled content.

Made in the UK | 20 year warranty*

*20 year warranty on seat shells, 5 years on base

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Features & Highlights

  • Mobile and flexible comfort
  • Flexible backrest supports "perched" and "full" sitting positions
  • The chairs light integral grab handle accommodates for a fast classroom reconfiguration
  • Stackable to 4 on the floor


  • High impact resistant polypropylene shell
  • Perfect ergonomics with a waterfall seat edge
  • 20 polypropylene colours
  • Base available in Chrome or Grey
  • Stacks up to 4 high
  • Certified BS EN 1729 Part 2

Postura+ Seating Collection 

Created in the 1990s, Postura+ was the first one-piece polypropylene chair created specifically for education environments. It quickly gained a loyal following in the UK with thousands of schools, and since 2005 it has been locally manufactured to meet growing demand and European standards.

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