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Sang A Choi winner of Mixology Student Furniture Designer of the Year sponsored by KI Europe

July 1, 2014

The Mixology14 Student Furniture Designer of the Year award, sponsored by KI Europe’s KICKSTART programme, has been won by Sang A Choi of Buckinghamshire New University for her innovative designs, Beehive and Pony. This award is open to any person enrolled on a recognised furniture design course in the UK.


Beehive is a chest of drawers inspired by the relationship between objects, gaps and space. The concept behind Beehive is to create shadow using minimalist lines and forms. Made out of solid oak, its black finish increases the reflection and accentuates the concept.

Pony, Sang A Choi’s second piece, uses a recycled climbing rope to create a simple bar stool. The whole concept and detailing of the stool is inspired by climbing. The frame wrapped with the rope creates curves for a seating posture similar to a saddle or harness, creating a feeling of safety and comfort while seated. A re-appropriated climbers’ carabiner is used to join the ends of the ropes beneath the seat. The blue rope goes into and out of the tubes almost snake-like, emphasising the continuous language of climbing and giving the illusion of holding the whole frame together as if by magic.

Jonathan Hindle, Group Managing Director of KI in the E.M.E.A commented:
"KI are delighted to be recognising and supporting emerging talent once again through our ongoing KICKSTART programme. Never has there been a more important time to encourage design talent to work in the furniture industry."

Lynn Jones, Head of Academic Department – Furniture at Bucks New University, also added:
"Sang A is an amazing, fresh, up and coming designer, her award is really well deserved. Still only in the middle of her one year Master's degree course, she has shown exceptional design ability and creative tenacity throughout her time with us at the university. Sang A, originally from South Korea, also did her degree in Furniture: Contemporary Design. Her work is always stylish, poetic and charming, each her piece is finely thought through and carefully designed to sensitively complement and respect the interiors she designs for. Full of flair and quietly fascinating with a highly original aesthetic, and very skillfully crafted, there is a serenity and professionalism to Sang A’s work that is becoming her own unique signature."

Wesley George Cripps and Ian Reveley also from Bucks New University were shortlisted for the furniture products they have designed.

Wesley George is in his second year of a degree in BA (Hons) Furniture at Bucks New University. Through exploration and experimentation with t-section steel he devised his T-Section Chair by inventing a process of bending the steel in on itself creating a lovely unique curved profile, with a portion removed to allow it to bend. His bedside reading table is designed to be a quick depositary for eBook/iPads during a night-time reading session. The folded corner of the drawer eliminates the need to open it. The vibrant red draw front references the iconic Royal Mail post box. The styling is a considered shaker/ modernist mix.

Ian Reveley is now in his second year on the MA Art and Design Practice: Furniture Design at Bucks New University. Inspired by an international student competition set by the Belgian carpet industry, Ian designed The Serpentine Chair. Unused samples and off-cuts of carpets which would potentially end up in landfill are transformed into a functional part of a piece of furniture. Inspired by the visualisation of a sound wave formation, he created a structure that allows the carpet to be more than just a covering material. It also acts as a cushion, removing the need for any foam material. Aesthetically intriguing, it isn’t instantly recognisable as carpet. Contrasting leather is used to fasten and protect the material and add definition to the edge of the chair.

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