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KI & Indoor Advantage Gold

KI's products are certified to Indoor Advantage Gold.

Indoor Advantage Gold certification is SCS Global Services' highest level of indoor air quality performance for furniture. The certification assures that furniture products support a healthy indoor environment by meeting strict chemical emission limits for volatile organic compounds (VOCs). To be certified, products must be tested by independent labs for compliance with the ANSI/BIFMA X7.1, and either ANSI/BIFMA e.3 or CDPH/EHLB Standard Method V1-1 for VOC emissions of concerns. In Europe, KI had products tested with Eco Institut in Germany.

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KI's commitment to the environment is embedded in our KI Environmental Policy. The policy is reviewed yearly, by our Sustainability team, to ensure updated laws, regulations and concerns are taken into consideration. Through this process we continually discover new ways to make our office and manufacturing facilities more environmentally friendly.

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