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MediaCityUK, Salford

The Brief

KI, working with Morgan Lovell and ID: SR, were briefed to create corridor and space delineation with the use of UniteSE storage for the 35,000 sq ft office space. UniteSE desk end towers and different coloured open-top boxes on top of cupboard and drawer units provided the perfect solution to the client requirements whilst aiding wayfinding.

Our Solution

UniteSE Storage - The UniteSE storage collection, manufactured in the UK, is a versatile range comprised of cabinets, drawers, lockers, sliding doors, combined with various personal storage solutions. This new range has been designed to offer an innovative unique solution for the office. The collection includes personal storage below the desk, where personal and keyless storage must dovetail seamlessly with more traditional document management as the pace of workplace design increases and diversifies.s. KI's team also created print and recycle centres.

More Information

Date - October 2013
Project Size -
35,000 sq ft office
Project Type - New offices
Project Partners -
Morgan Lovell, ID:SR
Website -

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