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HBOS (Now Lloyds Banking Group)

The Brief

In 2008, HBOS became part of the Lloyds Banking group. The Flagship of the HBOS UK office portfolio is their Harbourside building in Bristol. HBOS has moved over 1,500 personnel from three different sites into one new open-plan building in Bristol. Harbourside is the Group's most sustainable building with many energy-saving features.

To help cut down on paper wastage, the Harbourside office has been fitted with multi-functional devices (MFDs) - machines which print, photocopy, fax and scan. They will also automatically default to double-sided printing. Recycling will be implemented throughout the office as a 'greener' alternative to traditional waste disposal.

HBOS is encouraging the use of public transport to the site. More bicycle spaces (95) than car parking bays have been installed. The HBOS team carried the 'green theme through to the furniture too. The old office furniture was donated to Green Works, an environmental charity that recycles and sells on old office furniture. The steel storage and filing systems manufactured by KI have a high recycled content and lifetime warranties. Even the seating in the restaurant is made from recycled car batteries! HBOS wanted the new office furniture solutions to match the environmental sustainability of the new office.

The KI storage solution is the most flexible, high quality, high value product and is ‘maintenance free’ carrying a lifetime warranty. The standardisation of one style of unit cuts down on future churn whilst providing storage solutions for all applications. To date there have been no issues with the installation and I expect a trouble free future except for the occasional broken or lost key.

Tony Flint, Accommodation Planning Manager at HBOS

Our Solution

Work Interiors supplied and installed all the furniture in the building. HBOS, KI and Work Interiors developed and specified the storage and filing solution featuring three drawer 800 Series Lateral drawer units. Work Interiors, part of the Work Inc Group, has been associated with HBOS for many years and provides a wide range of products and services including furniture planning, specification, installation and office services.

KI and Work Interiors have been strategic partners for over a decade and are widely recognised for their experience and ‘trusted expertise’.

Conserving the planet’s resources is a shared mission at KI, and as an environmentally conscious company, they demonstrate this commitment in everything they do – from product design and manufacturing, to packaging and delivery, even to the volunteer efforts of their employees. KI has an exemplary record of achievement in adapting its manufacturing processes to minimise their impact on the environment. This has been recognised through many regional and national awards, including a Packaging Reduction Gold Achievement Award Presented by WasteWise in 2006.

As an early pioneer of the focus on indoor air quality KI is a founder member the US Green Building Council and has many of its products certified by Greenguard for use in LEED accredited environments. These organisations ensure that manufactured items used in the office environment emit minimal pollutants to guidelines established by US & European governments and the World Health Organisation.

As an ISO accredited company KI believes that it can provide best value to its customers and minimise its environmental impact by producing furniture that will be utilized for many decades using environmentally sound processes. With Warranties, which include 25-Year and Lifetime periods, KI demonstrate their commitment to manufacturing durable products.

We selected KI as they offered the most flexible and durable products. They were the best on the market for construction and service and delivered within the 6 weeks required. All units were the same module 800mm wide with pull out filing drawers. The KI storage works well. Previously we had a hotchpotch of furniture, but now it’s standardised and has changed the way of working.

Matthew Williams, Building Manager for Atkins Asset Management
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