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The brief

Acquired by Aecom in 2010, Davis Langdon was a construction consultancy company founded in 1919. KI completed an integrated systems storage solution for the Milton Keynes office of Davis Langdon, the high profile Construction Cost Consultants and Project Management company.

The designers, CMI Workplace, carried out an analysis and audit of current storage practices. KI designed and manufactured the specified storage solutions to meet the recommended information management practices for Davis Langdon’s whole new way of working. A review of ‘needs’ rather than 'wants' ensured only filing required at the workplace has space provided for it. Solving Personal, Team and Bulk storage problems efficiently required an integrated approach. File incompatibility with storage systems is a significant cause of wasted space.

Davis Langdon, who are involved in the cost and project management of commercial, residential, hotel, retail, infrastructure, among many other property sectors, have introduced ‘Hot Desking’ / ‘Ownership Free’ workstations within their new Milton Keynes office. Just over 80 workstations were provided but there are many more places where employees could work. Cafe style areas with floor-to-ceiling windows have electrical points for laptops and internet connection.

Our solution

Based on CMI Workplace’s concepts, KI tailor designed and manufactured, ‘Hot Box Stows’ from which staff collect their box of personal work items at the beginning of the day and take to any workstation or area in the office.

To assist with Davis Langdon’s tidy policy, KI provided ventilated coat cupboards, which are deeper than normal cupboards in order to accommodate clothing and other personal items.

Due to the nature of their work, Davis Langdon have to store large drawings and high volumes of paper records. KI 800 Series, which was installed to accommodate the team’s everyday filing and office items, divide the areas of the office yet maintain a clear view across the space. The clusters are easy to converse over, creating surfaces for impromptu meetings and on which staff can study large plans.

Based on CMI Workplace’s concept, KI designed a Team Pod with post unit, paper storage drawers and printer - at the ideal height for collecting paper and confidential waste shredding units. All the units together, being in the same colour, have created a uniform and efficient solution.

CMI Workplace introduced space saving techniques and KI added value by being able to provide all the storage elements to meet the brief, giving the scheme a coherent and coordinated look. These solutions have saved significant and measurable sums in areas such as personnel costs, floor space costs, cost of churn and productivity improvement through speed of information retrieval.

KI were able to offer all the products needed so there was a uniform look and quality. They were able to offer mobile to static cabinets, team pods, post distribution, local consumable storage which houses a printer and tailor made confidential shredding bins.

Steven Crabbe, CMI Workplace
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