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Sint-Martinus Primary School

Zomergem, Belgium

The brief

With a student population of approximately 300 pupils, the school’s cafeteria is often used as a multipurpose space for large events. Normally, it is divided into two zones (one zone for 3-6 year olds, the other for 7-12 year olds), requiring two size provisions of seating and tables.

The chairs need to be quickly and easily stacked and stored away when not required. The tables were adapted to provide two heights with extending feet, allowing them to be extruded and used at a standard height for community events.

Our solution

Postura+ chairs - specified in a combination of size 4 (Lime Zest and Parrot Green), and size 6 (Lime Zest, Sun Yellow, Tangerine Fizz and Aqua Blue.

The choice of the Postura+ chair was easily made by our client with its wide choice of colours, nice design and value for money. The chair colours add an 'eye-catching' element that brightens up the room.

Ruben De Schepper, Project Manager at TBI Projects

More information

Date - September, 2019
End user -
300 students, 3-12 years old
Project type - Refurbishment
Project partners - TBI Projects

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