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Kunsthal Rotterdam

Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Since opening its doors in 1992, The Kunsthal in Rotterdam has been an icon of modern architecture and a must-see for all visiting the city. Designed by world-renowned architect Rem Koolhass with project architect Fuminro Hoshino from Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA), the building is a masterpiece that stands for three core values: art, culture and society. Inside, the ever-changing schedule of exhibitions from artists across the globe ensures that no visit to The Kunsthal will be the same.

The Auditorium

KI’s Matrix HD Stacking Chairs were specified by Koolhass for the building’s impressive auditorium hall to add a splash of colour with a unique palette across 300 chairs. Matrix offers the thousands of visitors who pass through each year exceptional comfort as well as ensuring the durability and flexibility that is required of such a versatile space. With the ability to stack to 45 high on a dolly, the Matrix chair can easily be cleared from the space and stored taking up minimal room.

More Information

Date - 1992
End user -
Kunsthal, Rotterdam
Project type - New Facility
Project Partners - Rem Koolhass, Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA)
Website -

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