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Hartpury College

GL19, Gloucester

The brief

The prestigious establishment that is home to the world’s largest equine educational facility was undergoing continuous development and wanted to give students more flexibility to reconfigure spaces according to their needs throughout the day. They wanted the chairs to be robust, comfortable and to be able to compliment the institution's colours.

Our solution

Grafton Stacking Chairs - The generous perforations of Grafton's distinctive injection-moulded backrest provide flexibility and comfort without compromising durability.  Lightweight and stackable to 8 high on the floor, it is the perfect chair to allow students to adapt the space they are working in to suit their needs.

Strive HD Stacking Chairs - The unique, flexible back of the Strive HD encourages movement, relaxation, and enhanced circulation. The back curve provides lateral support, and the contoured seat dissipates pressure points. Super-lightweight and stacking to 30-high on a dolly this chair provides the perfect sit for a long day of studying and can then be stored away to clear a space for more hands-on work.

Both chairs were deemed cost-effective solutions with impressive warranties. They were upholstered to provide extra comfort and were specified with a black backrest and red seat to suit the college’s colour palette.

More information

Date - 2020
End user -
1,800 students with a further 1,800 in the university
Project type - College refurbishment
Project Partners - Cobus,
Website -

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