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Ricochet stools support student movement, which is essential for cognitive development. Fidgeting can help keep bodies and minds engaged. Ricochet was created to encourage this movement, whilst also being easy to reposition around a space. Its robust construction makes it durable and well-suited to users of all ages.

15 year warranty


Standard Polypropylene Colours

Sizes 300, 350, 400, 450mm

  • Ash Grey
  • Aqua Blue
  • Parrot Green
  • Tangerine Fizz
  • Sugar Plum*

Size 500mm

  • Ash Grey

*Sugar Plum is colour-matched to Mardi Gras polypropylene available on various other KI seating products.

NB: All Ricochet wobble stools feature seating surface pad, base and spacer rings in KI’s Blue Grey/Iron Grey, available on various other KI seating products. Base underside is a textured, non-slip thermoplastic rubber padding, always in black.

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