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800 Series - Towers

Achieving both generous personal storage and elegant space delineation, storage towers can greatly enhance the wellbeing and comfort of workers in an open office landscape. Research shows that people benefit from a sense of personal space, a 'territory' of sorts - especially in large, noisy open plans. Should a clear line of sight be desired, these towers can be specified at, or below, desk height.

Made in the UK  |  25 year warranty 

Construction & Specs

  • Three standard heights - below desk, at desk or screen height
  • Multiple colour finishes & internal configurations
  • Combination or traditional key/barrel locks
  • Certified Indoor Advantage™ Gold - Furniture

800 Series Collection 

The right storage systems can maximise space efficiency, user experience and security. KI's industry-leading 800 Series steel storage options address personal and team storage requirements whilst elegantly creating internal architecture. Constructed of durable powder-coated steel in the UK, the 800 Series collection is the benchmark for storage solutions for today's evolving office environments.

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