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Colonnades have been used in architecture throughout the world for millennia to define spaces and enhance functionality. The idea of creating a forum or functional space within and adjacent to these structures is as old as civilization itself, creating markets, temples, civic structures and more. Zones defining a space within which a particular activity occurs, yet remain permeable and accessible for ease of movement into and out of the space.

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Anchored by 800 Series Storage and Modular Shelving, the stanchions and gantry system can support all sorts of equipment to make collaborative working better - from mobile whiteboards & pinboards, to TV screens, tables, mobile soft seating, power, lighting and acoustic treatments. This system can either be specified as an enhancement to existing KI storage, or be installed as new. Repurposing traditional storage units gives them a new lease of life, reducing waste and carbon footprint.

Features & Highlights

Colonnade was co-created in partnership with one of KI's longest-standing clients to create a systemised, cost-effective and sustainable solution to create better user-controlled, flexible workspaces. Made for 'hacking' - the system utilises a series of simple components and materials, in different dimensions. Accessories and features can be added and modified as required.

Colonnade Sketchbook

Let’s make great agile, flexible workspaces

A collection of idea starters and concepts co-designed by our customers and our in-house team. These images explore the versatility and flexibility of the Colonnade system & accessories; and how it can be used to redefine open plan offices to better support agile, flexible working models.

Download the sketchbook.

Case Studies

PwC Belfast

PwC, Belfast 

PwC, a renowned professional services provider, have recently made a significant investment in the city of Belfast by relocating their offices to Merchant Square.

IFF Research

IFF Research 

With an increased number of staff working from home and the subsequent reduction in the need for desks, IFF Research, an independent social and market research agency, ended up with a large area of empty space.

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