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Happy, healthy working and learning spaces draw on knowledge from a vast range of experts. The KI Europe blog brings together insights from across our team as well as contributing authors from the fields of architecture, design, facilities management, human resources, education, psychology, and more. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest updates direct to your inbox.

Latest Posts in Education

April 11, 2021 Meet Charles Perry 

Charles O. Perry (1929-2011) was a sculptor, designer, and architect. His work embodies mathematical and scientific complexity in elegant, organic forms - often on huge scales in prominent, public locations. In addition to large sculptures, he also created pieces for Tiffany & Co and the Museum of Modern Art, New York. Working with KI, Charles Perry created his eponymous 'Perry Chair' which was launched in 1991.

by Jonathan Hindle Group Managing Director - EMEA, KI
February 3, 2021 Keep it moving – how to improve student cognitive performance through movement 

First things first - this is not going to be an article about exercise, obesity or sports! Sure, exercise is a form of movement, but we are going to focus on movement more generally - why it's vital for our cognitive function and how we can seamlessly bring more of it into our everyday lives.

by Kevin Geeves Sales Director - Education
August 14, 2020 ROC Nijmegen transform space to support progressive, student-led pedagogy 

The new interiors for ROC Nijmegen’s landmark Campusbaan 6 building bring to life an ambition to create an education institution ready for the future.

by Kevin Geeves Sales Director - Education
September 19, 2018 Libraries for the 21st Century 

Far from being obsolete in the digital era, libraries are undergoing a renaissance. With the world's knowledge available at our fingertips, virtually anytime and anywhere, what role does a library play in today's schools, colleges & universities?

by Kevin Geeves Sales Director - Education

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