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KI’s Strive Stacking Chairs bring practicality and colour to Chingford Foundation School

April 19, 2021

Chingford Foundation School's new sixth form centre is a space unlike its surrounding areas. Although it isn't a separate unit, the brief was to create a fully integrated space that had its own identity outside of the main school and that was bright, engaging, and exciting. To achieve this, education specific fit-out experts Envoplan created a unique and vibrant design scheme; all while continuing to emphasise the school's "A Firm Foundation for Life" ethos.


Envoplan were chosen to design and deliver this project due to their track record of creating learning environments that are unconventional but still inspiring and effective. As part of their process, their in-house designers worked with the Heads of Departments at the school to tailor the design so that everything was taken into consideration. Colour was one of the most important aspects as it needed to embrace modernity while creating a flow between the various areas. To help achieve this, KI's Strive Stacking Chair was chosen in colours, 'Rubber Ducky', 'Purple Haze', 'Light Tone', and 'Mardi Gras'.


Designed by Giancarlo Piretti, the chair provides exceptional support via its radiused backrest, as well as a contoured seat that helps to relieve pressure points. In addition to these features, the seat shell is also made from strong polypropylene, making it the perfect solution to this high-traffic environment.


The Finance Director for Chingford Foundation School said, "We were a bit nervous using a new supplier for such a large capital project. Our sixth form had not been refurbished for over twenty years and we needed to make sure we got it right. Envoplan provided the perfect solution from project design and development to project management. The inclusion of the KI Strive chairs was the perfect addition to the centre as they emphasised the design and brought the whole space together while being practical."


Bruce Evershed, Business Director at Envoplan, commented: "Strive by KI is a sophisticated looking chair that’s also ergonomic and strong. The wide variety of colour choices meant that we could choose the perfect shades to complement the design and make prospective students go 'wow, I want to be part of that' as they walk past the glass front door."


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