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Insight and Inspiration from KI at #LDF21

September 20, 2021

Visit the KI showroom during #LDF21, virtually and in-person.


The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated something that has already been well under way for years - an evolution to flexible, more agile working and learning environments. Now it has suddenly been thrust into the mainstream, and it looks like it's here to stay. As we start to return to these spaces, what are the implications for offices, schools, colleges and universities? KI has been helping some of its clients rise to the challenge of reinventing these environments to ensure a happy, healthy, and flexible future.


Working with some of the UK's biggest companies including major banks, tech giants and professional services firms, KI's newest product solutions are transforming the role of the office to become more focused on culture and collaboration. These products enhance human-centred design, such as the new 'Colonnade' system which has a focus on user control and rapid reconfiguration of the space created within and adjacent to it. Mobile seating and tables further add functionality and flexibility, while products such as Ricochet wobble stools help to make a space more inclusive for neurodiverse and neurotypical individuals.


The showroom open house during London Design Festival 2021 gives visitors the opportunity to drop by and gain insight & inspiration about how to "ReWorkSpace" with a focus on sustainability and wellbeing. For those unable to visit in person, a virtual tour is available online. To visit the virtual showroom, go to:


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Take a virtual tour of the KI showroom. 



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