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El Limonar International School, Murcia, creates new sustainable campus with KI’s Postura+

November 2, 2020

El Limonar International School (ELIS) in Murcia, Spain, was first opened in 1990 and teaches children from age 3 through to 18. The curriculum follows the National Curriculum for England and Wales, as well as preparing older students for the Spanish university entrance exam, Selectividad by teaching Bachillerato Modalidad PCE subjects.


The new campus in the nearby Montevida urbanisation totals to 15,000m2 and comprises of 6 buildings; 4 for teaching, 1 for administrative purposes and 1 is a new multi-purpose examination and assembly hall. In keeping with the school's 'green' philosophy, their new building utilises solar heating systems, LED lighting, through-flow ventilations systems and solar thermal protection.


As part of this project, KI's Spanish dealer, Federico Giner, specified the Postura+ chair (which is 100% recyclable) to fit-out 20 classrooms as well as the Assembly Room, the Student Room and the Teacher's Room, Cafeteria, Art and Music room, and the Computer room. For the cafeteria and lab rooms, Federico Giner combined the Postura+ polypropylene seat shell with their own locally manufactured wooden and metal frame designs.


The Design team at Federico Giner said, "We chose KI's Postura+ chairs because of their robust nature, their varied colour choices, and their ergonomic design. We also used KI's Maestro HD chairs in some of the more collaborative work areas as their lightweight design makes them easy to move if we need to reconfigure a space."


Overall, the new building has been designed to reflect the current vision of teaching, and subsequently prepare pupils for further education, whether in Spain or abroad.


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