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KI’s Perry chair selected for the University of Edinburgh’s

February 28, 2018

KI’s Perry chair selected for the University of Edinburgh’s ongoing transformation The University of Edinburgh is cementing its reputation as one of the world’s top higher education institutions, undertaking a transformative programme of works. Set for completion in 2030, this phased upgrade to its facilities has recently seen the opening of the Lister Learning & Teaching Centre. The refurbishment of this 5-storey, 1970 building at the heart of the campus was designed by renowned Scottish architects Reiach and Hall and features traditional yet flexible classroom styles.

Designed to offer students a vibrant, flexible learning environment, each floor features fixed partitioned rooms that can be reconfigured quickly and easily. This flexibility was an important requirement for the university to ensure each room could be multipurpose and adapt to multiple lesson styles. Working with Azzurro, the university selected KI’s Perry chairs, specified in contrasting polypropylene and upholstery in shades of blues, reds, oranges, beiges, greys, greens and white, add a splash of bright colour and give the rooms a distinctive character.

The KI Perry chair is already in use across the university, selected for its unrivalled comfort. Its unique articulating backrest moves with the user’s own weight, optimising comfort for prolonged seated periods. Improved comfort has been shown to enhance learning outcomes, making this high density stacking chair the ideal choice for educational environments. Some rooms have been furnished with tables and chairs, whilst others offer even more flexibility with Perry’s unique oversized, removable tablet arm in both left- and right-handed versions.

Alison Mallett, National Sales Manager, KI Europe comments: "The illustrious history and alumni of the University of Edinburgh is breathtaking. To think that some of tomorrow’s Nobel laureates, Prime Ministers, doctors, scientists, authors and more, will have spent some of their academic lives sat in our Perry chairs is really humbling. We are very proud to be a part of the university’s transformation as it prepares for an exciting future."

About Perry chairs
Designed by renowned sculptor Charles Perry for KI in 1991, the Perry chair is stylish, elegant and features a unique, maintenance-free articulated back movement for longer, more comfortable seating periods. The seat is suspended from the lower back, so the occupant’s weight perfectly counterbalances the tilting pressure on the backrest, allowing for movement and provides support in any position. The result: comfort you never expected from a high-density stacking chair. Built to last, it is covered by a 15-year warranty and is available in 24 standard colours with optional upholstered backrest and/or seat. The chair can also be enhanced with removable tablet arms, available in standard and oversized versions.

About Azzurro
Azzurro is a multi-disciplined interior solutions company, providing furniture solutions for office, work and leisure spaces. Azzurro specialises in helping clients create dynamic, positive and enjoyable places to work. Interiors can totally reinvent a room and Azzurro create places to work, study, observe, enjoy and engage. Essentially they are specialists in making a workplace so much more than a traditional office.

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