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Postura+ chairs add colour to Drumlins Integrated Primary School

December 20, 2018

Some 13 years after its inception, Drumlins Integrated Primary School opened the doors to its permanent Ballynahinch location in late 2017. From its inaugural class of just 12 pupils in 2004, the school has grown to over 200 students from P1 through to P7. The diverse, vibrant colours of the school interiors reflect its mission statement of ‘happy and successful learning in an integrated environment, free from prejudice.’

A core value of the school’s community is to provide an environment for their children that is free from violence, fear and intolerance. Through play and learning together from an early age, the school looks to prepare its pupils to live and work together. Later in life, they will become ambassadors for the Integrated Education Movement which promotes acceptance of others and their beliefs through talking, listening and understanding. The physical environment is crucial to bringing this vision to life, optimising the learning and social experience of students and teachers.

The school’s £3.5m purpose-built facilities are located on a prominent drumlin in the town centre, overlooking the beautiful Down countryside. Karl Moffett of Moffett & Sons Ltd worked with the school to create the vibrant, multi-colour interiors. Postura+ chairs of all different sizes were selected for classrooms and the library in Tangerine Fizz, Aqua Blue, Grape Crush, Forest Green, Poppy Red, Sun Yellow, Lime Zest. Postura+ task chairs were chosen in Sugar Plum for the IT room. Karl comments: "We recommended Postura+ chairs to the school for their strength, design, comfort, quality and range of colours. The school wanted each year group to have its own individual colour and because of the vast range available for the Postura+, it allowed us to do so. All PVC edges of units were colour-matched to the choice of Postura+ chair for each year group."

About Moffett & Sons Education
Moffett and Sons Limited is one of Ireland’s largest furniture manufacturers and has over 25 years’ experience working with the Education Authority in Northern Ireland. In that time, the company has developed a range of customer services to provide advice and support to schools’ purchasing staff. Established in 1920 as upholstery manufacturers, the company now employs 117 people in a purpose-built 200,000 square foot factory, equipped with the most up to date production machinery. There is an additional 12,000 square foot showroom displaying the company’s complete range of products.

About Drumlins Primary School
Drumlins Integrated Primary School welcomes children and families from all religious backgrounds and none. We encourage our children to ask questions and learn about each others' faith and traditions while retaining confidence and pride in their own beliefs and those of their families. Other schools may be mixed and have children from different traditions in attendance, but Drumlins is a truly Integrated School. We believe that through playing and learning together from an early age we can help to prepare our pupils to live and work together. As the adults of the future, we educate our pupils to be ambassadors for the Integrated Education Movement which promotes acceptance of others and their beliefs through talking, listening and understanding.

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