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New Palette

May 22, 2017

New nature-inspired finishes added to KI’s workplace furniture collections.

KI has collaborated with textile designer Natasha Marshall and biophilic design expert Joseph Clancy, to select a range of new MDF/MFC finishes, and RAL-matched steel paint colours for softer, more natural workspaces. These new finishes will augment the existing options available across KI’s comprehensive workstations and storage solutions and mirror customer trends and expectations.

KI’s range of five new MDF/MFC finishes brings a contemporary flavour to our existing selection. Of particular note is Trojan Oak which features a distinctive textured surface similar to that of real wood. Smoked Liberty Elm has been chosen for its unique ability to complement a number of fabric and metal colours, from shades of reds and greys to blues and purples. Sand Artisan Beech, Carbon Marine Wood and Graphite Grey are all subtle departures from pure monochrome schemes, adding a degree of softness without compromising minimalist ambitions.

Matching or contrasting edge details can now be added to create further interest. Ply-effect and wood grains give visual cues to natural materials, an important element of biophilic design. Each of these new options can be incorporated alongside our existing colour palette into the following KI products, designed and manufactured in the UK:

- 800 Series Storage
- Connect3 workstations (worktops)
- UniteSE workstation system
- EC4 workstations, tables & storage
- Work2 cantilever system
- Work2 Sit-Stand workstations & tables
- Meet4 tables (worktops)
- Breakout modular third space system (worktops)

For information on pricing, availability and other finish options such as laminates, lino or Fenix nanotechnology surfaces, please get in touch.

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