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Ark chooses Postura+ for new Wembley academy

September 6, 2016

Opened in early 2016, Ark Academy's new facilities in Wembley, London are designed to host up to 1,650 students from ages 3-18. Within three months of opening, the school was judged 'outstanding' by Ofsted.

With its extensive curriculum and variety of activities, the school's facilities required a range of seating types. KI's iconic Postura+ chair and its extended line of stools and task chairs, all selected in Grape Crush, allowed Ark Academy to maintain a consistent aesthetic throughout while ensuring the best quality products were being procured. Tried, tested and proven since 1996, the Postura+ chairs used in the new classrooms have an unsurpassed reputation for comfort, durability and practicality - helping students maintain comfort and concentration.

For the new IT rooms, requirements for height adjustability, swivel functionality and mobility were perfectly met by Postura+ task chairs, again in matching Grape Crush. The ideal companion for these dynamic learning facilities, these chairs offer the same ergonomic benefits of Postura+ chairs, with the added functionality of a gas lift. Intelligently created from the same injection mould as the task chair’s seat shell, the Postura+ stool shells with low backs were mounted to 610mm-high frames for use in science labs. Their integrated bag hook allows students to keep bags, blazers and other personal objects off the floor, eliminating trip hazards.

The school hall has been filled with KI's Maestro chairs, selected in the dark grey 'Flannel' colour. This ergonomically-designed, high-density stacking chair is ideal for the school hall, quickly assembled into any configuration required. With over 200 chairs stacked on just 8 transport dollies, the Maestro chairs provide a compact solution to multifunctional spaces such as this.

Scott Varrow of Dfe commented: "As the school had already selected KI’s Maestro chairs, the adoption of the Postura+ range was a natural fit. The family of Postura+ products allowed the school to perfectly colour match and maintain their vibrant purple scheme throughout."

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