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Postura+ warranty doubled after 20 years of proven performance

April 4, 2016

KI’s iconic Postura+ chair was the first one-piece polypropylene chair introduced to the UK education market in 1996. Twenty years on, it stands unsurpassed as the only chair in its class to outlive its warranty. Tried, tested and proven in the most demanding environments, KI can now confidently double the chair’s 10-year warranty.

Setting the benchmark for comfort, quality and versatility, the unrivalled performance of Postura+ chairs gives schools even more confidence - knowing that they are selecting a product not just with an extended warranty, but a warranty that is substantiated by real-world, everyday use by millions of students all over the country.

Available in 6 sizes to suit students of all ages, the chair is ergonomically designed to promote good posture and provide exceptional comfort. Injection moulded in the UK from 100% recyclable high impact-resistant polypropylene, Postura+ is available in 15 standard colourways. Custom colours are also available. Strong, durable and light, they can be vertically stacked to 12 high.

The lower back lumbar design ensures perfect ergonomics whilst the graduating seat curve supports 'perch' and 'full' sitting positions and the unique waterfall edge of the seat provides comfort. The angled back legs prevent the chair from rocking or slipping and will not twist or distort. Postura+ is fully BS EN1729 certified with high fire retardancy and comes with a 20-year warranty. The chair is anti-static and stain-resistant, helping it to stay cleaner for longer.

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