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Lost your keys? 6 reasons why keyless storage makes good business sense

March 2, 2016

Phones, watches, our bank cards, even jewellery – contactless technology is everywhere. Now, it can replace traditional locks, keys and combination locks on KI’s lockers and cupboards too. Available in various models offering different modes of operation - PIN code only, RFID/NFC only or RFID/NFC and PIN code combined, they bring a multitude of benefits for the user and the organization alike:


Save money on replacement keys – administered centrally via software (usually managed by the IT or facilities manager), these locks overcome the need to order master or replacement keys. This saves not only money, but its immediacy also saves lost productivity. It also eliminates the risk of keys falling into the wrong hands.

One card fits all – the system can be set up to work in conjunction with existing security and ID measures such as front door and lift access, vending machine tokens, or any other RFID-enabled system. This makes usage easy to audit while saving the user any need to duplicate access devices.

Making flexible and agile working easy – for unrestricted, unassigned personal storage such as lockers, users can choose their preferred method of access. Contactless payment cards, Oyster cards, NFC-enabled smartphones, or existing security passes mentioned above can all be used (subject to compatibility).

Prevent misuse of personal storage – access control can be defined based on who (staff), when (time & day), where (which furniture units). Being able to release locks via their embedded software will prevent users from occupying multiple lockers, and allow access if needed for any other reason.

Protect IP & combat data theft - We constantly hear of cybercrime and computer hacking, but we seldom hear of data theft relating to hard copy data. One of the reasons for this is that much of our hard copy data is protected under traditional lock and key, which is difficult to record and audit historical access. If the system is established to use specific security access cards or fobs, this can be easily tracked.

Meet compliance, regulatory requirements - the threat of losing sensitive or confidential information is quickly becoming a regulatory, as well as a business issue. Compliance with data protection and privacy rules add to the business case for implementing a smarter, auditable locking system.

The locks are currently available in a black or white finish and can also be customised to match surrounding décor. They are battery operated with a battery life of 3 years based on an average of 4 operations per day. Being battery operated and totally standalone, they can be fitted to the furniture quickly and without the need for additional cabling or power infrastructure. Apart from the occasional battery change, the lock is virtually maintenance-free.

Add keyless locking technology to KI's 800 Series and UniteSE & Work2 Storage collections. Retrofitting existing storage units may be a possibility, subject to suitability. Get in touch to find out more.

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