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KI – Maestro chairs now available in 4 more colours!

May 27, 2015

KI’s popular and versatile Maestro chairs are now available in 20 standard colours with the addition of Poppy Red, Sky Blue, Grass Green, and Chocolate. This extended color palette gives educational institutions even more choice when creating bright, dynamic classrooms and multipurpose spaces.

Lightweight and comfortable, Maestro chairs are covered by a 10-year warranty. Upholstery options are available for the polypropylene seat and backrest. The wire rod frame can be finished in chrome or a range of durable powder coatings. Stackable to 38 high on a transport dolly, they are frequently specified for large halls and assembly areas. The optional, removable tablet arm can be added for dynamic and space-efficient classrooms, eliminating the need for large tables.

KI is the leading global provider of educational furniture designed and manufactured locally and globally to offer good value, flexibility and design excellence.

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