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KI Postura Plus lands in the new build Orion Primary School

July 24, 2014

orion-school-collage.jpgKI have supplied 1,368 Postura+ chairs in a variety of colours and sizes to the classrooms of The Orion Primary School based in Graham Park, Northwest London.

The staff and students of the school were very excited to move into their new premises. Parts of the school have been given ingenious titles, for example, the school offices are now known as Mission Control

The building houses a theatre, dance and recording studio for their students. These facilities are called The Gold Star centre, which is open to the local community and friends.

Working together with ISIS Concepts, KI delivered a large volume of Postura+ chairs in vibrant colours & sizes ranging from 1 to 6 for all of the classrooms ranging from Reception up to Year 6. There are specific colours for each year for instance Year 3 has a colour coordination of blue whilst Year 1 uses lime green, a block of colour has been painted on the outside of the classroom wall with oversized numbers and uses the same coloured chairs all of which assist the children with way finding. Sarah Piers, Project Manager at Isis Concepts said: "Isis chose the Postura+ having used them on a number of previous projects. The new colour range means that we could offer the school the opportunity to have different coloured chairs in different areas to create a fun and engaging learning environment."

The design for the Orion Primary School accommodates for day to day change which comes with school life, as well as adaptability to allow for long term change. The design includes a 180sqm badminton court, creating a flexible hall for school and community use. The reception facilitates public accessibility together with the parent/community room. The layout also creates the potential for drama and outside teaching spaces.

About the Postura+ chair
The Postura+ chair from KI is a range of stackable chairs that are manufactured in the UK. The chair is ergonomically designed to promote good posture and provide exceptional comfort. Injection moulded from high impact-resistant polypropylene, Postura+ is strong, durable and light enabling the safe vertical stacking of 12 chairs.

The lower back lumbar design ensures perfect ergonomics whilst the graduating seat curve supports 'perch' and 'full' sitting positions and the unique waterfall edge of the seat provides comfort. The angled back legs prevent the chair from rocking or slipping and will not twist or distort. Postura+ is fully BS EN1729 certified with high fire retardancy and comes with a 10-year warranty. The chair is anti-static and stain-resistant, helping it to stay cleaner for longer.

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