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Introducing a new colour range for Postura+

March 6, 2014

New naming format coincides with the introduction of 5 new shades.

The Postura+ chair, the UK's first choice classroom chair is now available in 15 standard colours, 5 of which are new shades. All 15 colours are also adopting a new, two-word naming format which aims to provide consistency and remove any ambiguity with regard to colour type.

Some of the new shades will closely match the standard KI polypropylene colours available on other seating ranges such as Intellect Wave (see the colour matching wheel on our Upholstery & colour guide).

A total of 6 colours are being made obsolete, 3 to be phased out by March 2015, and the remaining 3 to be removed with immediate effect.

The following colours are being made obsolete via phased removal (available until March 2015):
• Mineral (Recycled) EN6
• Shadow
• Tangerine

The following colours are being made obsolete immediately (no longer available):
• Ocean (Recycled) EN6
• Redgum/Gum
• Teal

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