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People & Planet

Environmental & Sustainability Policy

KI has been dedicated to serving their customers, their community, and future generation in a way that will never harm the world in which we all live. KI believes that, big or small, every action that safeguards and restores the environment is significant. KI is committed to making that happen by creating and providing products that advance environmental and human health, social responsibility and economic prosperity.

KI developed an approach which continually reinforces its commitment to sustainable design and manufacturing processes. This approach is as follows:

KI has reviewed all of its manufacturing facilities and continues to look at processes to be more environmentally friendly, including such things as painting processes, adhesives, metal cleaning, finishes, and packaging. This is intended to not only improve the indoor air quality to the end user, but also to address waste minimization, recycling and the use of alternative nonhazardous materials. KI's efforts are aimed at all media - water usage, wastewater discharges, air emissions, and solid/hazardous waste - in a comprehensive effort towards pollution prevention.

These impacts create a more friendly work environment for:
a) the employees by improving the air quality in their environment and removing hazardous waste;
b) the communities through pollution prevention activities of waste minimization or elimination and improved air quality.

Using raw material options that have a positive impact on the environment. While many decisions may be motivated by a desire to protect the environment, KI takes into account the effects of raw materials on land use and substitution, and the broad range of environmental impacts inherent to the life cycle of its products. Materials, where possible, should be from sources which are renewable, easily grown and replenished. Good examples are products made from wheatboard, bamboo, cotton, etc.

KI continues to look into the development of products and product options with the largest percentage of recycled content and those which can be easily recycled, disassembled and repaired. KI continually searches for vendors and alternative options that offer the largest recycled contents utilizing both post-consumer and post industrial contents. KI is committed to the development of products that are more environmentally friendly not inclusive of the manufacturing environment.

Recognising its Corporate & Social Responsibility, KI (UK) has been approved under the ISO 14001 standard and continually drives best practice in this field throughout its organisation.

The certification requires KI (UK) to be aware of and record the actions of its clients and suppliers in regard to CSR and Environment best practice by sending out an annual check to all its main suppliers.

DOWNLOAD: KI Preferred Subcontractor Supplier Questionnaire


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