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Inspired Product Design

Over the years, KI has worked with some of the world's most respected designers to create award-winning furniture that sets benchmarks for our industry. Our in-house design, engineering and production experts work with these designers to create furniture that is elegant, practical and durable.

The most important component of our product development journey is always our customers. We believe this 'customer driven' collaborative approach is the foundation of truly inspired product design.


                    Charles_Perry-small.jpg               David_Pesso-small.jpg               Emilio_Nanni-small.jpg               Giancarlo_Piretti-small.jpg               Richard_Hutten-small.jpg
                    Charles Perry                   David Pesso                   Emilio Nanni                 Giancarlo Piretti             Richard Hutten

                    Niels_Diffrient-small.jpg               Paul_Brooks-small.jpg                Shawn_Barrett-small.jpg              Taku_Kumazawa-small.jpg
                    Niels Diffrient                  Paul Brooks                    Shawn Barrett              Taku Kumazawa

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