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Creating the 'best workspace' - a collaborative effort

December 4, 2019
  • Workplace

The 'best workspace' is defined by the user experience. Flexible and remote working means that people can work anywhere, anytime - so offices have evolved to become a destination of choice. A day at the office now needs to be enjoyable, rewarding and healthy, as well as productive. A place where people want to go, not just a place they have to go.

A 'one-size-fits-all' approach should be avoided - just because 'Google does it', doesn't mean you should, too. Achieving the best possible workspace must be a collaborative effort by internal departments and external suppliers; each brings a unique and valuable contribution to realise an organisation's vision.

Optimised workspaces nurture an organisation's desired culture by balancing both the physical and mental experience. To achieve this, collaboration between HR, facilities managers and senior management is necessary. Some larger organisations have been known to appoint dedicated wellbeing officers and regularly consult wider teams for valuable feedback on proposed changes to the workspace.

Architects, interior designers and furniture companies - even coffee suppliers - can help create the 'wow' factor that leaves a lasting, positive impression on staff and visitors. Good external partners can develop an appreciation for an organisation's unique culture, objectives and requirements. If off-the-shelf furniture and interior products aren't quite right, furniture manufacturers who can customise or co-create an entirely new product from the ground up, quickly and cost-effectively, can be transformative. Non-standard materials, colours and dimensions may be required to reflect an organisation's brand and mission; or specific objectives such as sustainability, circular economies or building certifications like WELL Building or BREEAM may be sought.

Organisations of all sizes across all industries are recognising that a better workspace is a strategic investment that leads to improved productivity, lower staff turnover and enhanced employer branding in a competitive marketplace. Bringing together a team with diverse expertise from inside and outside an organisation is a sensible path to success.

by David Venables  Sales Director - Workplace

David has been with KI since 1999, and during his 33-year career in the contract furnishing industry, he has worked on many major projects with large organisations across the UK and internationally. David has overall responsibility for KI's workplace sales, project resourcing and implementation.

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