Lex Autolease


Supplier of choice to Lloyds Banking Group for more than 20 years

Location Coventry
Date June 2014
Project type New car re-sale site
Website www.lexautolease.co.uk

The brief
When vehicle re-marketing business Lex Autolease started searching for a new flagship de-fleeting site in the Midlands to replace two existing sites in Birmingham, they wanted to raise the profile of their business, create a facility that would accommodate future growth and boost profitability by bringing more capacity in-house. To achieve this, the facility would require flexible and efficient document and general filing storage, as well as personal locker facilities for staff They also wanted to ensure that the new complex would have the same facilities as others in the Lloyds Banking Group, despite it's specialist function. As the contracted supplier of storage solutions to the Lloyds Banking Group across Europe for over 20 years, KI's 800 Series was the ideal choice.

Our solution

  • 800 Series Storage - As the contracted supplier of storage to the Lloyds Banking Group, KI's 800 series was the ideal choice for Lex Autolease. Multicoloured, keyless locker units were delivered as well as individually lockable drawer units used as room dividers. General storage with individually lockable drawers offer enhanced flexibility and security.
  • Postura+ chairs - A small number of KI's Postura+ chairs, one of the most popular in the UK education sector, were also supplied for use in the children's waiting area of the facility.

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