Graduate #ArtAtWork - Amirna Raveendran and Karen Weatherbee

Amirna-Raveendran-Karen-Weatherbee-ArtAtWork-Info-and-pricelist-cover19 September - 06 January 2017

A selection of artwork by recent Buckinghamshire New University graduates Amirna Raveendran and Karen Weatherbee are on display at KI's HQ & showroom in London to coincide with London Design Festival.

Amirna Raveendran: Completing her Fine Arts degree just months ago, this is Amirna's first exhibition outside an academic setting. An 'intuitive abstract painter', she specialises in large pieces abundant in texture and movement. She explores surface and texture, layering and manipulating paint, PVA, gloss and pigments using a number of different tools. Pouring, scraping, smudging and reapplying, the distinctive layers and marks are inspired by Amirna's own personal thoughts and feelings. These are transferred to the canvas through body movement, conditional to the space around her.

Amirna comments, "The environment that I am working in and my body movement in relation to the space around me plays an influential role in the creation of my pieces. The physicality is hugely important. Each brush stroke, movement of paint and mix of colours helps me create considered chaos in my paintings, whilst also transferring my movement as the artist."

Karen Weatherbee: Having spent many years as an accomplished hairdresser and stylist, Karen's decision to pursue her first passion - art, lead her to enrol in Buckinghamshire New University's Fine Arts degree, graduating in 2015 at the age of 49. Her life journey has spanned continents, but always involved a love of art inspired by nature. Her work has taken on a reflective emotional response to life, looking for the beauty in all circumstances. Relying on her memory of a view, landscape, environment or emotion, her memory acts as an editing tool to reveal heightened perceptions of shapes, patterns and colours. Karen's work is mostly semi-abstract, using resin, collage and acrylics build and amplify her paintings, giving them a sculptural appearance that requires the viewer to study the finer details. Karen's son has Asperger's, a condition poignantly depicted in her piece 'Drawing Autism' in which she has chosen to communicate this experience more figuratively, using the layering to defuse the image in an abstract way.

She comments: "The image at arm's length blurs to a delicate haze, mirroring the visual white noise that occurs with those living with autism. However, on closer inspection, if the viewer moves closer, rocking back and forth over the image, the surrounding light and hand shadowing can begin to define the very precise drawn images. This very action gives the viewer a small insight as to why someone with this condition will often cover part of their peripheral vision in a physical way, so that they may process a smaller view."

This exhibition has been curated in collaboration with Dr Tiziana Maggio, art consultant and historian. Viewings by appointment only.

Please email Dr Tiziana Maggio,

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